AVR ISP 10Pin to 6pin Adapter PCB for USBASP Programmer


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Technical Specifications

  • No. of Pin on USBASP side: 10
  • No. of Pin on Device under programming side: 6
  • Connector type on USBASP side: Male
  • Connector type on Device under programming side: Female
  • Header Pin Pitch: 2.54mm (0.1in)
  • Pin Numbers Text: Yes on Top and Bottom sides for every pin
  • Adapter Size: 34.5mm (L) x 20.25 mm (W) x 8.7 mm (H)
  • Adapter PCB Thickness: 1.75mm (aprox)
  • Adapter PCB weight: 8g

Supported Programmer

  • USBASP V2.0 (Not included with Adapter)
  • USBASP V1.0 (Not included with Adapter)

Supported Boards

  • Arduino UNO R3
  • Arduino Nano
  • Arduino Leonardo
  • Arduino Pro mini
  • Arduino Pro Micro
  • Arduino Lilypad
  • Arduino Mega2560
  • Any other embedded microcontroller board with Atmel AVR microcontroller and 6-pin ISP port


Package Includes

  • 1x AVR-ISP 10Pin to 6pin Adapter PCB

Additional information

Weight 12 g


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